How to Start a Business Start-up Costs, Budget Tips From SBA gov

They will also need to secure any necessary permits, licenses, funding, and business bank accounts. Here’s how to choose a business checking account—and why separate business accounts are essential. When you open a business bank account, you’ll need to provide your business name and your business tax identification number (EIN). This business bank account can be used for your business transactions, such as paying suppliers or invoicing customers.
The best way to determine your startup costs is to list all expected expenses and the dollar amount for each item. Let’s drill down into the exact dollar amounts to start your business and the types of costs you may encounter. Generally speaking, it’s a smart idea to count on covering six-12 months of business expenses up front while your business is growing. When you’re writing your business plan, you’ll need an accurate estimate of what it will cost for you to start your business so you can decide how to manage your funding and expenses. For certain jobs, however, hiring a professional could be a wise investment. For legal matters, paying an attorney for advice and guidance can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes.
The following table estimates basic fixed costs for a hypothetical startup company with five employees. Variable costs will depend on each business’s situation and are not included in this table. It’s possible to start a business with a small initial investment (as little as $100) depending on what it is.
Many businesses use accounting software and similar tools to manage daily operations. These programs may have a small monthly fee or a one-time purchase cost. Many small businesses, particularly freelance, online and home-based businesses, come in a lot lower than this, often needing only a few thousand to get started. Some businesses throw money at marketing like it’s going out of style, while others sit back conservatively, desperately hoping customers will stumble upon their business. If you’re renting an office space, that might come with adequate room to store your things, but it’s not something you can plan on.
These include the SBA, private grants, angel investors, crowdfunding and venture capital. But if you’re willing to put in the work, it can be a great way to achieve your dreams and goals. Be sure to do your research, create a solid business plan and pivot along the way. Once you’re operational, don’t forget to stay focused and organized so you can continue to grow your business.
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